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J.L. Canfield, an award-winning author of Scot-Irish decent, loves to tell, hear, and read a good story. Currently, she resides in Virginia, but still thinks of North Carolina as home. Whenever possible, you'll find her on the Outer Banks beaches enjoying a book, taking photos, or in conversation with those close by. 


Winner of the 2018 Pencraft Awards

New Release


It's Monday morning, and the last place Lt. Detective Philip Samyn wants to be is in a church, but it's better than being in a meeting with his boss. The presiding bishop requested he and his team come to the back of the parish and speak to no one about this call if possible. Keeping his boss out of this suits Samyn fine, but not knowing why he is being summoned by a church official immediately makes him suspicious. When they arrive, the cold exterior of the building reminds Samyn of his past. He knows things happen behind church doors which are kept hidden by those who wear the robes.


When they meet with the bishop, they learn he wants them to conduct an off-the-record investigation regarding the disturbed crypt of the prior bishop. Samyn suspects there is more going on than O'Malley says. It turns out he's right. He and his team uncover a crime rooted in the dark history of the Irish Catholic Church and their Magdalene Laundries. By the time Friday dawns, lives are changed, and secrets are exposed, which once hid behind robes.

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