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J.L.Canfield has lived all over the East Coast . She resides currently in Virginia, but calls North Carolina home. J.L. loves a good story and wrote her first play while in second grade. Since then she has written articles, monologues, short stories, and novels. The authors that inspire her are Daphne Du Maurier, Anne Perry, Martha Grimes , F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Hemmingway whose life in Key West she aspires to have. When not behind a computer screen working on her craft, she’s either capturing moments with her camera or creating digital art, When she needs some downtime, she heads to the Outer Banks. There you’ll find her walking a beach searching for treasures, or engaging in conversation with a stranger at her favorite hangouts. J.L.’s favorite quote came from F. Scott Fitzgerald ; “Writers aren’t exactly people…They’re a whole lot of people trying to be one person.” Her motto is: Life is a story, write it well. When she wants to scare her friends, she threatens to put them in a book. Little do they know, she probably already has. J.L. loves to meet people so connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Medium. Ask her questions, if you want. She always enjoys good conversations. Like all writer’s, she needs no persuasion to gather in a bookstore to sign her works or join in a group to give a talk. Just invite her to your event.

J.L. Canfield

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